Our experienced team offers the highest quality subtitling for all types of videos. We not only translate accurately but also localize the dialects, maintaining a smooth, relevant read.

What is subtitling?

Subtitling is translating recorded speech from one language to another and placing the text at the bottom of a screen so that viewers who don’t speak the original language can understand what’s being said.

Examples of common uses

Video clips, speeches, commercials, movies, and media campaigns

Space and timing

We take great care to consider the length of time a subtitle will appear and the number of characters it can contain so viewers can read it at normal speed. Our team is fluent in both the target and source language, and understands the parallels and contrasts between the two—cultural and otherwise. Our attention to local nuance gives viewers a comfortable reading experience in which all cultural idioms and expressions have been translated with a rigorous attention to detail.

Questions? No problem.

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